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How many minutes can I tan when I go to a solarium for the first time?

The time spent tanning in a solarium, during the first visit as well as visits thereafter, primarily depends on complexion type – i.e. phototype – and the type of lamps in the device.
Phototype I: blond or red hair, blue or green eyes, very light complexion, lots of freckles, skin turns red first after tanning.
Phototype II: dark blond hair, blue, dark blue or grey eyes, light complexion, skin often turns red first after tanning, but not necessarily.
Phototype III: dark or brown hair, hazel or green eyes, slightly swarthy complexion, skin very rarely burns.
Phototype IV: dark or black hair, dark-brown or black eyes, swarthy, olive complexion, skin almost never burns.
Phototype I can tan about 3-5 minutes, phototype II about 5-8 minutes, phototype III about 8-13 minutes and phototype IV about 13-20 minutes.