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Hot Tingle with best & safe firming effect. Includes combination of Bronzer and Tyrosine to guarantee perfect dark tan and Aqua power system hidden inside for softer & hydrated skin
DHA, Tyrosine - Bronze and accelerate tanning
Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil - it moisturize and firm the skin
Collagen, Safflower Oil - Provide good condition of the skin
Benzyl Nicotiniate - strong warming and oxygenation of the skin, providing a stimulating effect of tingling
A touch of Farenscent
Tube 200ml/6.8 fl.oz.
Sachet 15ml/.50 fl.oz.5
Different needs, different types of personality! Soleo NEW products ensure faster tan, moisturized and flexible skin. Dedicated to all tanners.
New tanning experience!