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Bubble Gum


For those who enjoy a bubble gum! Making bubbles as big as balloons! Having a good laugh and going for it again to make an even bigger bubble the next time around. Similarly, this powerful Bubble Gum bronzer will bring you lots of joy and provide you with enormous satisfaction as your skin turns a beautiful brown (thanks to DHA) and the effect of a natural tan is accelerated (thanks to tyrosine). Let it pamper your skin with its texture, excellent conditioning, nourishing (safflower oil, vitamin B), moisturizing (aloe Vera and vegetable proteins) and wonderfully smoothing properties. It will be a joy for all your senses. Need we say more?

The product is available in variants:

Main activities Bronzers

bronzery kosmetyki Soleo
Quickly gives the skin a holiday tan tone
bronzery -kosmetyki Soleo basen
Perfectly strengthens the tan
bronzery - kosmetyki Soleo
Nourishes, regenerates and provides effective skin care
bronzery - kosmetyki Soleo
Makes skin look more attractive

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