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Tingle Bell

Tingle / thermo

For all those longing for the quick brown skin effect. A tan that impresses with its intensity and depth. Thanks to the presence of DHA and methyl nicotinate, Tingle Bell has powerful tan accelerating properties and intensifies the appearance of brown skin. Aloe Vera extract, shea butter and safflower oil provide you with rich, moisturizing and smoothing care. Caffeine and green tea extract also fight free radicals providing an anti-aging effect. Discover the joy and satisfaction of having tanned skin, that is also in great condition!


Note: The appearance of a strong tingling sensation and redness of the skin is temporary and disappears about an hour after application. This action improves blood circulation, oxygenation and allows you to get an even more intense tan.

The product is available in variants:

Main activities Tingle / Thermo

Dedicated exclusively to people who are already tanned and are tanning regularly
Intensively warms up, oxygenates the skin, causes tingling and redness
Quickly bronzes skin, deepens its tone, strengthens the tan's lasting
Firms, moisturizes, smoothest and improves the appearance of the skin

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